Farming Insulation

Modern method of farming requires proper infrastructure with closed environment and efficient control over the unwanted gain or loss of temperature, humidity and moisture. To achieve this effective farming insulation is vital for all types of agriculture infrastructure and properties. Properly applied farming thermal insulation will

  • Control the loss or gain of heat and by this way it saves lot of energy consumption and cost.
  • Effectively control the temperature for livestock and crop storages.
  • Preserve the nutrition value of the stored crop.
  • Improves productivity of the livestock and overall profitability.

Appropriate farming insulation of roofs, ceilings, attics and crawl helps to save around 60% of energy consumption that requires for heating and cooling of the indoor environment. Aerolam Insulations' thermal insulation material is widely used for agricultural and farming applications, mobile insulation, poultry farm insulation and livestock insulation. It provides economical and easy to use solution for farms and other agriculture landscapes. This process for helping farms to protect against the high temperature is getting more and more popular in agriculture and modern farming sector in India and other parts of the world as well. Especially it is useful for the areas where you can see higher difference in temperature in the different parts of the year and also when you can see heat and cold both during the day and night period. Such higher variation can really affect the overall productivity.

Farming insulation material made by the Aerolam Insulations is made from the pure aluminum sheet and polyethylene bubbled film. Such sandwiched foil structure of farming insulation is available into different variant of single bubble and double bubble insulation. These bubbles of polyethylene films protect against the thermal transmission of heat as they are slow to react the sudden temperature variation and also transmit less heat compare to other material. On the other side aluminum sheet acts as reflective insulation material that reflects most of the radiant heat back to the atmosphere. These two materials all together prevent almost 97% of thermal heat to transfer inside the house.

  • It can be installed on wall, roof and crawl spaces depending on the requirements.
  • Farming insulation is odorless, non toxic and environment friendly.
  • Lightweight, flexible, dust free, easy to install, durable and fire retardant.
  • Higher moisture resistance, waterproof and vapor resistance.

The installation of Aerolam's farming insulation is very simple and fast. Fixing over the roof and also on the wall can be done using nails and round head plates. There can also be a use of special galvanized steel nails for hard grooves and non visible fixings.