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Fire Retardent Air Bubble Film

Fire Retardant Type Bubble Films

  • It is designed to dramatically reduce toxic gas & smoke emissions
  • Provides protection from fire, damage to works of art held in storage and is thus finding wide scale application.
  • Accelerated corrosion tests by the British Museum Result confirmed suitability for permanent use in the protection of artefacts made from gold

Technical for Air Bubble Sheet

Air Bubble Sheet / Rolls are available in 1mtr and 1.2mtr width .
Standard Length of the Roll is 100mtrs and Bubble dia is 10mm X 4mm Height .
Material is available in various thickness, from 50gsm to 160gsm.

Bubble Diameter
10mm X 4mm H
Water Absorption
0.02% after 24hrs.
Chemical Resistance
Service Temp.
8° C to 60° C
Weight of 1mtr Roll
Weight of 1.2mtr Rol
200 50 5.000Kgs 6.000Kgs
225 55 5.500Kgs 6.600Kgs
250 60 6.000Kgs 7.200Kgs
275 65 6.500Kgs 7.800Kgs
300 70 7.000Kgs 8.400Kgs
325 75 7.500Kgs 9.000Kgs
350 80 8.000Kgs 9.600Kgs
400 90 9.000Kgs 10.800Kgs
435 100 10.000Kgs 12.000Kgs
500 115 11.500Kgs 13.800Kgs
560 130 13.000Kgs 15.600Kgs
600 140 14.000Kgs 16.800Kgs
650 150 15.000Kgs 18.000Kgs
700 160 16.000Kgs 19.200Kgs