Livestock Insulation

Livestock insulation is one of the most priority jobs for maintaining and supporting high standard of living environment for livestock and other animals. Properly insulated livestock houses will manage the amount of heat, moisture, cold and condensation to be transmitted between the indoor atmospheres and outside. It will also help to control the rust, mold and growth of the fungus inside. However on the other side livestock insulation will cause wastage of time, money and efforts and also consume large amount of unwanted energy that requires for cooling or heating inside atmosphere.

The most important need of livestock insulation is to prevent unwanted temperature transmission that can cause serious issue for any barn that resides animals like cows, buffalos, horses, poultry, ships, goats and other animal during the harsh summer and warm period of the calendar. Most of the time heat transmission inside any close atmosphere happens due to the transmission of radiant heat through walls and roof of barn or any other structure. It happens even more for the buildings that are made with the larger amount of steel or other metal. Not only this but absent of livestock insulation also cause increase in humidity, decreasing air flow and sudden temperature rise or lost during the different time of the day and night. Not concentrating much on the livestock insulation for thermal heat loss or gain, the barn inside will suffer a lot and this can even result into drop of performance.

Aerolam Insulations offers wide range of livestock insulation materials and foils made from aluminum and polyethylene bubbled film. This material is also available into different variants of single bubble insulation and double insulation for better control over the heat penetration. Such material for thermal insulation is made from the pure aluminum foil sandwiched with bubbled polyethylene film. The air packed bubbled structure of polyethylene film helps a lot for preventing the heat transfer as the tight air response lesser in temperature change and works as a thermal barrier. While the aluminum foil works as a reflective barrier and reflects almost 97% or sun radiant heat back to the atmosphere. Thus the combination of polyethylene film and aluminum foil works best for livestock insulation for any type of barn and animal houses.

  • Multiple usages for thermal insulation based on the requirement. It can be applied on the roof, attics, walls and crawl.
  • Light weight and easy to install. Comes with features of do it yourself process.
  • Insulation material does not contain any kind of toxic material or any other harmful chemicals that affects animals and their eco system.
  • Longer durability and higher ROI based on the energy saving.
  • Blocks up to 97% or radiant heat. Also blocks moisture, wet air and fungus.
  • Non carcinogenic and environment friendly material.
  • Odorless.
  • Effective moisture control.
  • Saves energy consumption, money spent on heating or cooling barn or livestock houses.
  • Helps environment by reducing the greenhouse gases.

For those who are looking for better livestock insulation material, single bubble and double bubble insulation foil by Aerolam Insulations can be a right choice by providing proper reflective thermal insulation that meets your needs and avoid unwanted energy consumption.