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What properties should insulation material possess for the metal building?

Best metal building material should possess above all characteristics. Few of the most damaging things for any metal building material is radiant heat, condensation and cold weather.

Radiant Heat Barrier What is Radiant Heat Barrier ?

Any metal building has a tendency to act as a tropical rain forest from inside. It acts typically during all different seasons. The moisture trapped within the fiberglass insulation will reduce the radiant energy and temperature drops dramatically as water is a very good conductor of the heat. As most of the metal used in latest infrastructure is treated, water penetrated between the insulation and surface cause major damage on longer run. It creates rust, oxidation on the metal surface, molds and grows fungus inside the critical points: and gradually it will degrade the steel walls and shorten the life. Water condensation may also result into ruined crops and bacterial growth inside the building. And in this situation using fiberglass insulation is not recommended as it can create some serious issues. The air infiltration through the building walls in moist areas will allow some amount of moisture to penetrate inside the insulation, and on a longer run it will degrade the insulation capabilities of the fiberglass. Thus such material is not recommended for metal structure.

Three major points to know for metal building insulation. 1. Condensation, 2. Vapor Penetration, 3. Effects of Humidity

Best insulation material should posses a characteristic of not providing enough space for the nesting. Rodents, birds and bugs don't like aluminum. AEROLAM™ thermal insulation not only prevents the effect of condensation but also provide efficient barrier against the issues related to nesting. .

How to use AEROLAM™ Installation

The process of insulation is quite simple. Simply roll out the insulation material out over your framing before applying your sheeting. You can use staple, glue or retrofit for metal building insulation. The insulation material is also light weight in nature.

What makes AEROLAM™ insulation better than others?

Double bubble insulation material produced by AEROLAM™ is best for any metal building insulation in any weather condition. It has high quality of core strength which keeps itself in shape due to aluminum sheet when exposed into the exterior forces. AEROLAM™ Insulation auto seals once it is fastened with screw or staple. It also helps to prevent water leakage when a roof is nailed to a structure. Thanks to it’s high reflective value it has significant performance for temperature penetration and thermal condensation. It is by far the best material for the metal building insulation available.