Mobile House Insulation

Appropriate mobile house insulation can be a decisive when you are looking to save big on energy consumption for heating and cooling indoor environment and keep it at comfortable temperature. Unfortunately, most of the mobile houses are weakly insulated that allows air leakages and temperature transmission through the walls and roof. We have mention in below article that what are the correct methods for mobile house insulation and how it can be best achieved to prevent unwanted heat gain or loss in pick summer and winter seasons.

Mobile houses are comfortable and affordable way to live and in most of the countries it is one of the chosen methods to reside and roam around the places of your choice. But having a mobile house is not sufficient as it has lesser resistance against the extreme weather conditions like snow falls and harsh summer, this situation can lead to larger amount of energy consumption and bigger cost burden on your pocket. However, by following some simple steps to get proper mobile house insulation for your mobile homes for winter and summer can help you pay less and get better and comfortable temperature conditions inside in all seasons. Following are some of the most important steps for efficient mobile house insulation for your houses.

To achieve the best result on any mobile house insulation, the first and foremost thing is to plug all holes and air leakages from walls, attics, crawl spaces and roofs. Often most of the mobile houses have an access holes where air can easily pass through. Spray mobile house insulation can be the best option for such houses to fill the holes.

  • Seal all the holes and tiny air leakages from the walls, roofs and crawl spaces.
  • Insulate special places like caulking and ducts.
  • Install insulation for skirting.
  • Add insulation to belly wrap.
  • Install roof cap for less thermal conductivity.
  • Insulate water storages and pipes.

Windows and doors of the mobile houses are some of the important places where heat can transmit inside easily. Many mobile houses today have good insulation over the windows and doors. Poor quality windows and doors can inflate heating and cooling energy consumption of around 30%. There are several ways for mobile house insulation and amongst the best is to use reflective thermal insulation material made from the combination of polyethylene bubbled film and pure aluminum sheet.

Reflective insulation material used for mobile house insulation is available in two different variant that is single bubble reflective insulation and double bubble reflective insulation. The structure of tight air bubble behave as a thermal insulation material because of it's tendency of reacting slow against temperature change and passing the heat slowly to the other side. Thus double bubble insulation works better than the single bubble insulation. Another important component for mobile house insulation is aluminum foil. This foil acts as a reflective insulation material and reflects most of the sun rays back to the atmosphere. Thus the combination of polyethylene film and aluminum foil works best for the mobile house insulation and successfully prevents 97% of radiant heat transmission to the indoor atmosphere.

While you may need to invest average amount of money to get proper mobile house insulation, the ROI and the future benefits are very large.