Radiant Barrier Foil

Radiant barrier foil is highly applicable as an insulation material for homes, roofs, attic spaces, commercial buildings, under construction structure, steel and metal structure, mobile vans and other cold storages. When sun radiant heat falls on the attic surface or roofs of the house, it passes through the structure and raise inner temperature. Radiant barrier foil stops such radiant heat of the sun passing through the structure by reflecting back towards it's source. The main advantage of such radiant barrier foil is that anybody can apply this insulation material by using some basic tools and by following do-it-yourself steps.

Radiant barrier foil particularly made with air bubbled film is a better insulation material because of it's nature of reflecting heat and stopping unwanted gain or loss in temperature. This is mainly because the air inside the bubble changes it's temperature slowly as the air molecules inside are not in direct contact with the atmosphere. Such system makes the transfer of temperature between molecules slow and more difficult as the normal atmosphere around. Such type of radiant barrier foil is of different type including single bubble radiant barrier foil and double bubble radiant foil. In both of the material, the trapped air inside the bubble helps to resist temperature change. Such polyethylene air bubbled films are coated with pure aluminum film to give it a reflective nature that adds overall strength of the radiant barrier foil for insulation properties and also give better physical durability. Such types of bubble wrapped thermal insulation material has grown in popularity in last several years because of it's low cost manufacturing, light and easy to use nature and providing higher ROI and long lasting durability. Radiant barrier foil comes in many forms including simple bubble wrap used mainly for packaging purposes, foil coated films for thermal insulation material and combined with plastic sheeting for higher durability, water resistance and longer life. However, it is important to remember that the thicker the bubble wrap, the better the insulation property of such radiant barrier foil. And that is why double bubble insulation is better than the single bubble insulation material.

Traditional house or industrial insulation and thermal barrier are made either from fiberglass or blown substances. Such type of insulation material provides better resistance for conductive and convective heat transfer but fails to stop the heat transfer completely because of not stopping the radiant heat transfer. The most common indicator for better radiant barrier foil is to check the roof of the house after ten to twelve hours of heavy snow. House roofs with less snow means most of the snow is melted from the roof due to the energy passes through the attic structure. This is a sign of heat loss and poor insulation material. While the house roof with higher snow is a sign of good radiant barrier foil compare to the others.

Bubble insulation material or radiant barrier foil made from air bubble polyethylene films and pure aluminum foil blocks almost 97% or heat that comes from the sun rays. Not only this but it also prevents moisture and works as an excellent vapor barrier. Such sandwiched material has better longevity and easily fights all sorts of temperature changes and atmospheric pollutions. It is also a non toxic material and easy to apply due to it's light weight.

Application of radiant barrier foil includes most of the structures and ceilings where traditional fiberglass insulation is used. It is equally effective in both hot and cold situations. It can easily be used for attic insulation, roofs, studs, underground walls, metal and steel buildings, to fill the gaps between the walls and roofs, HVAC ducts and basement floors.