Reflective Insulation Material

Aerolam Insulations' double bubble reflective insulation material consist two different layers of air bubble film insulated and sandwiched between pure aluminum foil. Such combination provides better thermal resistance by avoiding and reflecting radiant heat back to the source and avoiding unwanted heat transfer in all seasons. The bubbled film contains air retention layers that are specifically designed to provide better strength and higher puncture resistance.

This type of insulation is used in both of the cases to manage and maintain warmth inside and to resist higher temperature outside for protecting and managing cold inside. In most of the applications radiations and the sun rays are the principal reason for higher heat transfer and consumption of higher energy. Aerolam Insulations' single bubble and double reflective insulation material is considerably more effective than normal and conventional reflective insulation material for reducing radiant heat transfer. Our reflective insulation material reflects up to 97% of radiant heat and energy and provides best insulation condition in all weather and in any conditions. Such type of bubbled reflective insulation film material is ideal for insulating crawl spaces, houses, industrial premises, sheds, underground storages, walls, radiant floors and many other spaces. It is also useful for all types of metal and steel buildings. It works as an excellent vapor barrier material too.

  • Reflects almost 97% of radiant heat.
  • Can be applicable in both hot and cold weather conditions.
  • It can be applied to fill the sealing leaks, gaps and air penetration. It blocks the airflow by expanding in small and tiny places.
  • Reflective insulation material also works as semi-permeable vapor resistance material. It has higher permeability standards than plastics and other sheeting material.
  • It can be apply to fill the wall cavities in finished and under constructed walls.
  • It serves as ideal insulation material for acoustical insulation.
  • It helps to increase structural stability.
  • It can be best useful where other filling material cannot reach like tiny gaps in joints and rafters.

It might be possible that you require spending lot amount of money for home comfortable and especially for the instruments that keeps your home at favorable condition in extreme hot and cold. It requires keeping your home cold in hotter atmosphere particularly for the areas where summer is too harsh and in colder areas where higher snow is a common phenomenon. However, it is important to know for everyone that heat always moves from hotter space to colder space. So in the summer outside heat will seep in through the roof and walls to inside and in winter artificial heat inside the house will try to penetrate outside. There might be some insulation material that people use like fiberglass or blow insulation material at attic and walls but when it comes to combat the unwanted heat penetration, they all fails at some or other level. The best way for this is to apply reflective insulation material that reflects most of the sun's radiant energy outside and prevent it entering inside. Also in colder atmosphere it avoids inner artificial heat to travel outside.

Technically everyone looking to insulate their home or industrial sheds should know that there are three different types of heat transfer including convective, conductive and radiant. Traditional and conventional insulation materials like fiberglass and cellulose materials can prevent the heat penetration that happens through convective and conductive types. Typically these types of insulation materials work by reducing the rate of transfer so the thicker you apply the insulation material, better you get the resistance against the unwanted heat gain or loss. On the other side reflective insulation material works better against all types of heat transfer and particularly against the radiant heat as it reflects the most of the energy back to the atmosphere and prevent it entering inside. And the best part is that quality of insulation does not depend on the thickness of the reflective insulation material as compare to the other types.

Reflective insulation material has been in use throughout the world by many household and industrial purposes to reflect the sun's radiant heat away and to give more cost effective and comfortable atmosphere inside. It is also cheaper in cost and gives higher ROI compare to other insulation material. Reflective insulation material is light in weight and easy to apply too.