Single Bubble Insulation

The first thing that comes into mind for people looking to cut their energy cost for home or industry is insulating their infrastructure with thermal insulation material that prevent unwanted gain or loss of temperature. There are several materials that can be used for thermal insulation. Reflective insulation using with thin and pure aluminum foil is one such material that is used by most of the people around the world. Such material is also combined with polyethylene bubbled film that gives non conductive behavior to the aluminum material. This kind of aluminum coated polyethylene reflective material is divided in two types based on the film, single bubble insulation and double bubble insulation material.

Out of this single bubble insulation material is ideally used in most of the condition where the temperature difference outside and inside is not much larger. Such radiant barrier material not only works well at home but can be used in larger building for industry and also available for pre engineered insulation form. Even it can be used for basement wall, floor and packaging as well. It reflects 97% of radiant heat that has been sourced from the sun and prevent temperature transmission through polyethylene bubbled film. When you apply single bubble insulation, you can effectively block the temperature as it works as thermal fence. The research has shown that such king of reflective insulation is ideal for hot as well as cold season and works well in most part of the world where temperature differences are so high. Apart from economic benefits of using single bubble insulation, this type of material also works as a vapor barrier. It is also flexible, light weight and easy to apply. It creates stronger heat entry or exit resistance and can be useful in construction as well as in packaging of the material that are perishable in nature.

Typically people use this single bubble insulation material for different purposes. For instance it can be use for wall and roof insulation with or without stonework, can be apply on crawl spaces, windows and garage doors for thermal insulation. It can also be used to insulate pipes, ducts, wine cellars, water tanks and so on. It makes the home and office more energy efficient. On an average such reflective insulation material keeps the inner temperature eight to ten degrees lower that what normally feels without insulations.

Whether the construction is new or older, bubble foil insulation helps to prevent the temperature loss. It is the ideal choice for any situation. Single bubble insulation turns out as one of the most preferred insulation material in marketplace.